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Prototype Status, Launch Plan, and Community Topics

Hi, we’d like to start by wishing a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2021 to our early followers everywhere. Now here's our first email update on the Jadelabo J1 project.

From the initial idea to the prototype development today, the Jadelabo J1 has undergone six iterations over the past year. A lot of the critical tests have been completed. Also, we’ve started the preparation for the Kickstarter campaign.

A Brief Recap of the Prototypes Development

  • Spring 2020: Early ideas, research, and discussions.

  • May 2020: Designing the first prototype T0.

  • Aug 2020: Manufactured a few samples of T0.

  • Sept 2020: Designing the prototype T1.0, a big iteration.

  • Oct 2020: Testing the prototype T1.0.

  • Nov 2020: Developing the prototype T1.1. Main changes: XYZ motion system improvement.

  • Dec 2020: Developing the prototype T1.2. Main changes: hotends, fans, and built plate improvement.

  • Jan 2021: Developing the prototype T1.3. Main changes: easy-to-detach hotends and nozzle height calibration structure improvement.

  • Feb 2021: Developing the prototype T1.4. Main tasks: tuning various settings to achieve better print quality in all printing modes, including multi-material printing mode.

When building a 3D printer, we value design, we value simplicity, and most importantly, we value “It just works”. We also value the community. And we are making videos to share what we’ve done and what we were thinking when building the prototypes of the Jadelabo J1.

Launch Plan

  • Launch platform: Kickstarter

  • Estimated launch month: Apr 2021

There are several factors that will affect the launch date. The most important one is the development status. The Jadelabo J1 prototype will be in the final version when we launch the Kickstarter campaign so that we can start the pilot production right after the campaign ends.

As for our campaign content, we are making them ourselves with the help of our friend May, a nice and professional designer. We can’t wait to start filming our video with May and now we are finalizing the storyboard.

Community Discussions

Our goal is to build a high-quality 3D printer for the everyday maker. We believe that “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” You can play an active role in the Jadelabo J1 development process as we've been sharing product designs and test results in our group and collecting general feedback using email surveys.

We’ll keep on pushing to get you all better and more stable machines when delivering the Jadelabo J1. Please keep those questions and suggestions coming and we enjoy discussing the latest product development with you. We wish you all the best in 2021. Stay safe.

Make different!

Best, Jade

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